“Wild Goose from the South and Wind to the North”
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Conductor: Zhang Lie


Leader: Li Chang


Erhu: Dong Lizhi


Suona: Tian Ding

We have especially invited Zhang Lie, Permanent Conductor of China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Guangdong Chinese Orchestra and Henan Chinese Orchestra, to present a traditional Chinese music concert to music fans. The repertoire includes familiar and pleasant-sounding traditional songs with different regional characteristics of China, allowing music fans to take on a journey from the Yellow River to Guangdong.

Programme Highlights



Composition / Arrangement

Zhoushan Gong and Drum
Fishermen’s Triumphant Song

Leader: Li Chang

Collectively composed by Zhejiang Song and Dance Troupe
Arr.: China National Symphony Orchestra

Chinese Orchestral Music
Full Moon over Han River


Comp.: Liang Jun

Erhu with Orchestra
The Moon’s Reflection on the Second Spring

Erhu: Dong Lizhi

Comp.: Hua Yanjun

Chinese Orchestral Music
Xar Moron River


Comp.: Zhang Hanshu

Chinese Orchestral Music
Weaving Flower Basket


Comp.: Zhang Yibing

Chinese Orchestral Music
Lovesick Embroidery
Little Horse


Comp.: Wang Danhong

Suona Recital
Happy Family

Suona: Tian Ding

Folk Music

Three Pieces of Guangdong Music
In Celebration of Good Times
Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon
Thunder in the Drought


Guangdong Music

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, including one intermission.