Percussion Concert “Drumming the World”
60, 80
Artistic Director: Wang Jianhua

Paigu: Li Chang


We have specially invited the Macao Chinese Orchestra’s old friend Professor Wang Jianhua, percussionist and doctoral advisor at the Central Conservatory of Music, to personally direct this concert. In collaboration with the percussion section of the Macao Chinese Orchestra, he will present an original “feast” of Chinese percussion music to the audience. The driven, freedom-yearning Havoc in Heaven has its premiere in Macao; the exploratory, striving Camel Bells in the Desert and Melody of Drums, a Chinese drum classic representing the essence, energy and spirit of Chinese percussion music, will create drumming sounds that resonate through Macao!

Programme Highlights:



Composition / Arrangement

Peking Opera Percussion
Havoc in Heaven
(Macao Premiere)


Arr.: Wang Jianhua

Paigu and Percussion
Camel Bells in the Desert

Paigu: Li Chang

Comp.: Zhang Lie

Wind and Percussion Music
General’s Command


Folk Music

Melody of Drums
Composed for a group of Chinese drums


Comp.: Tan Dun and Li Zhengui

Duration: approximately 1 hour, no intermission.